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Heidi is knowledgeable, experienced, and a highly gifted healer. She treats the whole person. – Ann Chicago, IL

I’m so glad that I found Heidi! Maya abdominal massage has changed my life. I met Rosita Arvigo one evening after my appointment with Heidi; she was the next client after me! ATMAT has improved my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. I visit Heidi regularly; her treatments release the emotions and stress that we internalize and hold in our bodies. My periods off the pill have become more regular and less painful. I have learned a lot about my health and feel a much deeper connection to myself as a result of working with Heidi. My uterus is so much happier! Her treatments along with her insight, deep listening, humor, compassion, and spiritual intelligence have made such a difference in my life and contributed greatly to my happiness. Heidi is very much a holistic healer. – Maggie Chicago, IL

One word – amazing! I am still amazed of how one session with Heidi was able to transform my life. Heidi was able to return my body back to me with an added bonus, an upgraded version!

I turned to Heidi 10 months after giving birth. I suffered from pelvic floor pain, bladder intolerance, constipation and the list is long. I would run to the bathroom every hour because I would feel a strong urge to urinate. In order to bring myself relief I bought patches that assisted with overactive bladder issues, did 6 weeks of physical therapy, got a perennial cushion to sit on, a therawand, etc. All provided me some sort of relief, but they were like putting “a bandage on the wound”. They provided a relief to my symptoms, but they did not target the source of the problem.

The session with Heidi changed all of that. Heidi’s approach to treatment is holistic; meaning that she addresses both emotional and physical aspects and targets the root of the problem.

Heidi felt that my uterus was most probably misplaced and that it was causing all the bladder tension. Apparently it was sitting right on top of my bladder and causing me constant tension in that area. Heidi’s assessment was thorough and included psyche education. Heidi’s abdominal massage was able to return my misplaced organs to their correct place and taught me how to massage myself at home as part of the self-care.
How did this effect my life?

It transformed it. I do not have to empty my bladder for 4 hours now, prior to the massage I had to empty it every 1-1.5 hours prior. I now have a bowel movement every day, instead of every 3 days or more. My pelvic pain has decreased tremendously because my body has returned to FUNCTION PROPERLY.

I thought the damage that was caused to my body was permanent. I cannot thank Heidi enough for all that she did for me. – M. Chicago, IL

You have an excellent background of knowledge and you are very gifted. I understand your dedication to your work and your integrity for doing what is right. I feel very safe and can trust you to come into the intimate part of my life that I don’t share with others. Working with you has been an important step in my life. Thank you for moving me forward. – C.S., New York, NY

I was very impressed with my initial Maya Abdominal Massage treatment experience. I’ve honestly never had any focused therapy for this area of my body before and Heidi shared a wealth of information and education on self-care. I was profoundly moved by the sensations related to tension relief and the pain points that were honed in on that I wasn’t even aware of. I also found the emotional component of the treatment very valuable, especially some of the more personal things that were touched on (like loss and trauma). I found this very impactful and am grateful to Heidi for bringing an awareness to the stress and pain I’ve essentially been storing in certain areas of my body. Just this aspect of the treatment in itself can be life-changing. During and after the treatment, I did experience some strong emotional insights and felt much more in tune with my body, particularly in the abdominal area and womb. Overall my digestion has improved significantly, I’ve had more productive blood flow during menstruation and my sex drive has increased, following each treatment. I’ve been seeing Heidi for five years which has had a significant impact on my emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.” – A.R., Milwaukee, WI

Without Heidi I would not be where I am today.  I know myself better than I ever have.  She has helped me make changes in my life that I have needed, to make myself happy. This work of has transformed the relationship I have with myself on a deeper level, as well as all other relationships in my life. – E.L.D.P., Rockford, IL

I just wanted to say how wonderful my session was with Heidi on Friday!  I really enjoyed the experience and have had a lot of positive sensations since.  I look forward to working with you again Heidi….you have a gift! – K.K., Chicago, IL

Heidi’s style is respectful and caring, while being light hearted and  easy to smile.  It is easy to relax with her even though I am anxious  about people touching my belly.  I had several miscarriages before I  saw Heidi, and my digestion was slow and difficult.  My gut felt like  a bag of rocks.  Since seeing her and practicing self care, my gut  doesn’t feel tight, my organs don’t feel so hard and resistant.  If I  do self care after eating, I rarely get acid reflux or feel bloated,  so I sleep better.  My body is better able to digest and eliminate,  and I feel healthier and less stagnant in my chest and belly.  It’s  wonderful to feel things flowing better, and to actually be able to  tell that my organs are more supple and relaxed. – KM, Milwaukee, WI

Heidi, thank you for such an attentive and generous spiritual healing session tonight. I am beyond grateful as you addressed all of my ailments and concerns, as well as what I’m struggling with emotionally. I feel remarkably better. You’re wonderful at what you do and it is truly a gift to the universe. – A.R., Milwaukee, WI

As a client of Heidi Jost in both nondual healing and Maya Abdominal Massage, I can certainly say that her work has improved my quality of life.  I had suffered from a broken pelvis several years ago and my alignment and subsequently my gait had changed.  I have suffered back and knee pain on and off for years.  Through Maya abdominal massage with Heidi, much of that has changed for the better.  Heidi takes her time and helps you to understand your situation as well as the work.  So many practitioners do not take the time to do that and I appreciate it very much.  She is comprehensive in all she does. Through nondual healing, I have been able to confront life long issues from a place of strength, kindness and belief of self that escaped me even with years of therapy.  Heidi’s intuitive qualities are beyond that which I have experienced.  Working with Heidi is phenomenal and I hope you will all find the benefits to her work at the level I have experienced.  – N.F. – DeKalb, IL

I am eighteen years old and I have danced since I was 3.  At the age of sixteen I experienced some physical issues with pain.  My mother is a client of Heidi’s and she suggested that I see Heidi for Maya Abdominal Therapy.  When I saw Heidi she made me comfortable and explained to me step by step what was going to happen and how I might have come to the place of discomfort that I was experiencing.  My alignment was off and so was my uterus. It was probably from all of the movements and falls I had done over the years as a ballet dancer and as a poms dancer in high school.  I felt much better and she made me aware of how to watch myself as I continued to dance.  I feel so much better and more in touch. – E.F., DeKalb, IL

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