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Nondual Holistic Healing

Holistic Health – Integrated Holistic Healing

Heidi has three years of professional training and four years of graduate studies in exciting new healing paradigms founded upon ancient spiritual wisdom, quantum physics and modern insight that culminate in a transformative healing modality. The purpose of this work is to deepen our understanding of our true selves, our true nature, enhancing our consciousness–ultimately allowing us to heal ourselves, as well as others.

Nondual Kabbalistic Healing (NKH) is an exciting new healing paradigm that combines 13th-century Kabbalistic wisdom, the nondual Buddhist tradition, plus the latest theories in quantum physics and twentieth-century psychological insight into a transformative healing modality. The Kabbalah teaches of a living Tree of Life that contains the hidden code of creation, health and disease. This mystery is only revealed through deep meditation practices and through transmissions of great teachers.

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Comprehensively trained, I have delved deeply into the Tree of Life and have been initiated into its mysteries. This healing modality addresses every aspect of human life. This includes the physical, psychological and spiritual issues that we all face as we form relationships, pursue our dreams and encounter the various obstacles that stand in our way.

During a session, I will listen deeply to what you say and discern the difficulty you are facing. The Tree of Life holds as many healings as there are problems in living. I utilize this embodied understanding to determine which healing will be best for you at the present time.

With the utmost respect for the unique expression of your life and the great courage it takes for you to move through difficulty, I gently and supportively guide you on your journey towards greater health and wholeness.

This form of holistic healing is for those individuals that seek:

  • Healthy relationships
  • Resolution of issues/patterns
  • Healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual
  • Deeper, more authentic relationships
  • Living life more consciously.

Heidi graduated from A Society of Souls, A School of Nondual Healing and Awakening in 2002. She has had three years professional training, four years of graduate studies, presented a paper on consciousness: “Changing Shape and Form” (2012) and works internationally.

Nondual Holistic Healing

Nondual Holistic  – Healing for Animals

Animals think, feel and communicate. They too wish to be seen, felt and understood for who they are. I utilize my integrated holistic healing practice to assist animals and their owners with emotional issues, health issues, relationships, dying and death. This form of healing can benefit not only the animal, but the entire family.

Healing for Animals: Integrated Holistic Healing complements traditional medicine and other alternative forms of health care. It offers supportive and compassionate choices where intervention and understanding is needed. Being in a relationship with an animal and its owner(s) from this embodied place of body, mind and spirit, the animal can make a “shift.” When an animal is touched from this place healing in some form takes place. It is a process that allows a space with deeper connection for the animal, owner and family members. From this open-hearted place of connection, growth and change occur with loving support.

Integrated Holistic Healing for Animals supports animals and family members with issues and concerns in the following categories:

  • Health
  • Emotional
  • Relationships
  • Dying and death
Nondual Holistic Healing

The Work of Return is a self-healing modality that springs from the kindness and caring of the Great Mother. Jason Shulman has created this work based on his understanding of the truth of Boundlessness as found in the Buddhist Prajnaparamita Sutra and the Kabbalistic notion of the Avir Kadmon.

This methodology works with our symptoms—whether physical, emotional or spiritual—in order to return us to our true identity. It is based on the idea that creating symptoms is the ego’s way of establishing a fixed sense of self.

Through a system of movement, sound and breath, we allow our symptoms to move and transform until a revelation breaks our attachment to these symptoms and allows us to return to a more fluid sense of self that is not ruled by the ego’s desire for permanence.

In addition to self-healing, the Work of Return can also be used as a powerful adjunct to traditional therapies and has applications in pain management and working with post-traumatic stress.

The Work of Return practice may sometimes affect the disappearance of symptoms, such as physical pain or emotional distress. But, more importantly, our symptoms lose their symbolic value and become simply themselves. Symptoms that are only themselves do not interfere with the flow of life.

This Work may be done by the practitioner alone or with a knowledgeable guide.

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