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Self-Healing Work of Return - Information - Practitioners

Work of Return

The Work of Return is a self-healing modality that springs from the kindness and caring of the Great Mother. Jason Shulman has created this work based on his understanding of the truth of Boundlessness as found in the Buddhist Prajnaparamita Sutra and the Kabbalistic notion of the Avir Kadmon.

This methodology works with our symptoms—whether physical, emotional or spiritual—in order to return us to our true identity. It is based on the idea that creating symptoms is the ego’s way of establishing a fixed sense of self.
Through a system of movement, sound and breath, we allow our symptoms to move and transform until a revelation breaks our attachment to these symptoms and allows us to return to a more fluid sense of self that is not ruled by the ego’s desire for permanence.

In addition to self-healing, the Work of Return can also be used as a powerful adjunct to traditional therapies and has applications in pain management and working with post-traumatic stress.

The Work of Return practice may sometimes effect the disappearance of symptoms, such as physical pain or emotional distress. But, more important, our symptoms lose their symbolic value and become simply themselves. Symptoms that are only themselves do not interfere with the flow of life.

This Work may be done by the practitioner alone or with a knowledgeable guide.

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In addition to individual and group sessions, Heidi
teaches classes and is available for speaking engagements.

35 years of experience in the medical profession

As a long-time medical professional, Heidi believes that most people can benefit from a more pro-active, holistic approach to their own health and well being.

• Registered Nurse; 35 years
• Licensed Perfusionist; 26 years
• Certified Arvigo Practitioner; 20 years
Certified Arvigo Self-Care Instructor; 14 years

• Nondual Holistic Healer; 16 years

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