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Forms & Resources

The following forms are now available for our clients' exclusive use. Just click on the PDF file link below. Please note, you'll be required to enter the password to download and open these files. Contact us if we did not provide it to you yet.

Confidential Client Intake Form - Female

Confidential Client Intake Form - Male

Nondual Consent Form

Note: Fingernails need to be very short as not to scratch oneself when learning and doing this modality of self-care.

35 years of experience in the medical profession

As a long-time medical professional, Heidi believes that most people can benefit from a more pro-active, holistic approach to their own health and well being.

• Registered Nurse; 35 years
• Licensed Perfusionist; 26 years
• Certified Arvigo Practitioner; 20 years
Certified Arvigo Self-Care Instructor; 14 years

• Nondual Holistic Healer; 16 years

How to Contact Heidi

815.218.9007 - Cell


Practice Locations
Please call for an approintment

Dr. Zhou's Acupuncture and Wellness Center (Tuesdays)
4601 N. Oakland Avenue
Suite 300
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53211

1821 West Belmont Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60657

The Essential Connection
5438 Inverness Drive
Rockford, Illinois

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