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What does Arvigo Techniques of
Maya Abdominal Massage® treat?

Women Men Everyone

• Difficulty getting pregnant/Infertility
• Endometriosis
• Displaced or prolapsed uterus and or bladder
• Painful intercourse Miscarriages and difficult pregnancies
• Enhances Pregnancy, aids in labor and delivery
• PMS/Depression with menstruation
• Irregular menstrual cycles and ovulation
• Painful or irregular periods or ovulation
• Dark or brown blood at the onset and at the end of menstruation
• Headache or migraine with period
• Low backache; back pain with period
• Frequent urination; bladder infections, incontinence Recurrent vaginal infections
• Perimenopause, Menopausal symptoms
• Ovarian cysts
• Chronic constipation
• Serious imbalances such as: Endometriosis, Uterine Fibroids & Polyps
• Varicose veins of the legs and/or tired, weak or numb legs
• Uterine, bladder or yeast infections
• Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

• Impotence Erectile Dysfunction (depending on cause)
• Early stages of prostate swelling • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)
• Prostatitis (mild)
• Low energy
• Headaches/migraines
• Low back ache
• Digestive Disorders
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
• Gastro Esophogeal Reflux
• (GERD) Chronic indigestion or heartburn
• Gastritis
• Chronic constipation
• Crohn's Disease

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